During an appearance on Fredo Cuomo’s show on CNN, Bill Maher delivered a reality check to Democrats who have dreams of lifelong power in Washington D.C.

In fact, when it comes to the 2022 midterms, Maher thinks the Democrats are going to get “thumped”.

“When we talk again, eight months from today — hopefully, we will talk a lot before then — eight months from today, do you think things are better or worse?,” Cuomo asked the Real Time host.

“Well, they’re not going better for Biden and the Democrats,” Maher began.

“And I think that’s getting — eight months is going to be close to the midterm election. I think they are going to get thumped in the election. I mean, that usually happens in midterm elections. But, you know, Joe, look, I’m glad he’s there, but he’s not exactly stuck the landing on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with,” Maher explained.


“The time I am worried about and I keep talking about is Election Day 2024 until January 20th, 2025, inauguration day. Because again, if Trump loses, he will not say he lost. That will never happen. He will never concede, as I said last time. But this time, it’s not going to be like last time. I mean, he almost pulled it off last time. And this time, he’s had four years to get those people in place. So, what happens on January 20th, 2025, when he shows up for the inauguration and Joe Biden, or whoever the Democrat is, shows up for that inauguration? What happens then? That’s when I want to be on vacation in London,” Maher concluded.

Maher also made waves for taking a hammer to the woke left.

“A quick question. Woke. The response from the people that you put it on will say, ‘No, woke is aware and inclusive and there is no cancel culture, it’s just accountability. These are not bad things, they are good things.’ Disagree?”, Cuomo asked.

Maher responded, “There’s a reason why the term ‘woke’ has come to signify going too far and doing things that don’t make sense. I keep saying this to the Democratic Party: ‘The reason why you’re so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense.’ And people see this on their news feeds. I mean, you were saying to me in the break, people mostly go on with their lives. They do, but they see things on their phone or their Facebook page, people pass things around and it’s a constant drip, drip, drip of, ‘Oh, these people are nuts.’ In a way, yes, they’re not oblivious to the fact that Trump is nuts. When he ran, one of his big selling points was, ‘You got no choice.’ He was saying, ‘Yes, I know I’m nuts, you know I’m nuts, but they’re nuts in a very different way that’s closer to home to you. It’s that guy in the parking lot. I can’t let people like that take over the country, people who regard children as just shorter adults who should have an equal say,’”

Will Democrats wake up in time to put an end to their craziness? Probably not…and it will cost them dearly in 2022.


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