WATCH: Bill Maher Worries That Trump Has Been So Quiet; “Like The Shark In Jaws”

Liberals will never be happy when it comes to former President Donald J. Trump.

First, they wanted him silenced and now they’re complaining that he is being too quiet.

After four years of demanding that Trump be banned from Twitter and Facebook, the left rejoiced when all major Silicon Valley platforms pulled the plug on him three weeks ago but the celebration has quickly been replaced with a gnawing sense of dread.

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Now that the nation’s 45th president has retreated from public life after leaving the swamp for the balmy climates of South Florida and some well-deserved rest at Mar-a-Lago, there is already chatter that Trump’s absence from the headlines is an ominous sign.

One who is exhibiting a case of the heebie jeebies is far-left HBO host Bill Maher.

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On Friday’s edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the smarmy comic fretted over Trump’s “radio silence” since Joe Biden’s inauguration and worries that like the shark in the movie “Jaws,” that he is just biding his time.

Maher’s expressed his anxiety as a part of his opening monologue (warning: some profanity)

Via Fox News:

Donald Trump has been “very quiet” since leaving the White House — and that has “Real Time” host Bill Maher a little worried.

Maher repeatedly expressed his concerns during Friday night’s show about the “radio silence” from the former president since he departed Washington for Florida on Jan. 20.

“Does that not alarm you a little?” Maher asked his audience. “It’s like in ‘Jaws’ when the shark went out to sea for a little while. I think it will be back.”

The HBO star later brought up Trump’s absence during the show’s panel discussion.

“Where is Trump?” Maher wondered. “It’s like he’s in the ‘Where Are They Now?’ bit. I am so shocked that this guy has been so quiet! Are you not?”

“I just don’t trust that, you know? It’s just so not like him! ‘Radio silence’ is just never a term I associated with Donald Trump,” Maher continued. “He isn’t exactly … ‘fading away gracefully.'”

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Trump’s week included the news that Nancy Pelosi’s second impeachment was dead on arrival in the Senate after Rand Paul was able to force a vote on the constitutionality of the process that flushed out a mere five Republicans including Mitt Romney who would vote to convict him.

He also hosted GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy at a private meeting at Mar-a-Lago and reportedly expressed his commitment to restoring control of Congress to the Republicans in 2020.

Without Trump to kick around anymore, Maher and the rest of the liberal hate night late-night television hosts will soon be faced with a loss of viewership due to a lack of material (they surely won’t devote much airtime to taking jabs at Joe Biden)

It will be interesting to see how the celebrity left outrage addicts adapt to life in an environment where they will be deprived of their daily fix of Trump hate.

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