WATCH: Clarence Thomas Gets Emotional While Telling Hilarious Story About Antonin Scalia

During a speech this week, Justice Clarence Thomas recounted a couple funny and heartwarming stories about the late Antonin Scalia. At one point, Thomas choked up and said “It’s different without him. He is the one person I truly miss”.

“He [Scalia] would ask me things, he was really funny. He would ask me to go hunting with him and he thought it was odd that someone from rural Georgia would not go hunting. And I said Nino, it’s odd that urban New York and New Jersey WILL go hunting!” he said, drawing laughs from the audience.

I said, last I checked, I left nothing in the woods! So you expect me to risk rattlesnake bites to kill some assuming bird with a big gun? No,” he continued as the crowd bellowed with more laughter.

Watch this heartwarming moment below:

Then Thomas told another hilarious story about the time that Thomas invited him to go watch a live classical concert.

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“He invited me to go to the Kennedy center, he said ‘Clarence do you like classical music?’. I said ‘Oh i sure do! And he said ‘Come to the Kennedy Center and I said ‘Oh yeah but i don’t like PEOPLE who like classical music,” he said with a hilarious chuckle.

“Oh gosh. I….it is different without him,” Thomas said, choking up. “He is the one person I truly miss at the court,” he concluded.

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