WATCH: CNN Panel Blows Up on RINO Jonah Goldberg In Gun Control Squabble

In a bizarre move for an already failing network, CNN recently hired RINO Jonah Goldberg, a former Fox News contributor who left in a huff over Fox not suiting his decidedly non-MAGA tastes.

And so he appears on CNN as the token “conservative”, filling the role of the court jester conservative that gets paid to present a vaguely non-leftist talking point only to be slammed by the liberals on the network.

Such is what happened on a recent CNN segment in which Goldberg was attacked by Ana Navarro and half-heartedly defended himself in the typical RINO manner. Watch it below:

The panel, responding to Matthew McConaughey’s recent plea for gun control during a White House press conference, heated up after Goldberg pointed out that it’s absurd to say that everyone’s kids are in danger, something McConaughey insisted was the case.

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Goldberg, speaking on that point, noted that there have been over one hundred million American kids that have gone to school in the past few decades and under 200 had been killed and shooting and said:

I share the moral outrage entirely with everybody on this panel about how horrific and just morally repugnant these slaughters are…[but] if we’re going to start telling people that they should be scared that this is going to happen to them, we should at least put this in perspective.

“The moral outrage is entirely valid and justified… You are absolutely right to be outraged about the crime. But if we’re going to tell people they should be terrified about their kids being dropped off at school, we should remind them their kids are more in danger on the drive to school, statistically, than they are at the school.”

Navarro and Hunt then completely freaked out about Goldberg’s comments, with Navarro saying “A child’s life cannot be a statistic” and “If it were your child, it would not be a statistic. It would be a tragedy that you would never ever recover from.

Meanwhile Goldberg kept accusing her of “moral bullying” and, when asked why it was moral bullying, said:

“You’re making it sound as if I don’t have compassion for these people, of course I do! I’m saying you shouldn’t tell the audience that this is the thing that they should be so terrified with, paralyzed with fear, about their own kids when their kids are more likely to die from a lot of other things.”

Goldberg then went on about how “outraged” he was while Navarro called for more gun control, saying:

It’s a national shame. Paralyzed with fear and paralyzed with acceptance and resignation is what we have been for the last ten years. And it’s enough of that. No more paralysis. Get your a**es in gear and call your senator.

Goldberg refused to join her and instead took one of his typical “principled conservative” stands, saying “That’s fine. I’m doing analysis. I am not doing activism.”

All in all, it was an excellent court jester conservative performance by Jonah Goldberg.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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