WATCH: Crowd ROARS With Applause As Ron DeSantis Takes Blowtorch To Unhinged Reporter

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blistered a member from the liberal press, and the crowd loved every minute of it.

During a press conference in Brandon, FL (lol), a reporter accused the Florida Governor of “hypocrisy”. DeSantis shut him down in classic fashion. Watch below:

“So first of all, this idea that somehow conservatism is like local school boards, it’s the UNITED STATES of America, not the ‘united school boards’ or county commissions of America,” he said to roaring cheers and applause.

“So the states are the primary vehicles to protect peoples freedoms, their health, their safety, and their welfare in our constitutional system. What Biden is doing is not constitutional. There has never been a federal vaccine mandate imposed on the general public,” he continued.

“I hear people talk about, like, ‘well they used to do this in the military’, yeah, when I was in the military, they used to give me all kind of stuff. Honestly I wish I would have thought a little bit about it. But that’s much different than regulating the military and then imposing it on civilians in society. It’s never been done before. They don’t have the power to do it,” he added.

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If only every Governor in America was as brave as Ron DeSantis!