WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Gets Into Screaming Match With Geraldo Rivera; “Voting For McAuliffe Is Voting For Rape!”

On the Tuesday edition of ‘The Five’, Greg Gutfeld and far-left co-host Geraldo Rivera got in a screaming match over sexual assault when discussing the walkout at a school in Loudon County over an alleged sexual assault that the board is accused of covering up.

“Why is nobody talking about this crime?” Gutfeld asked his fellow co hosts. “Now we know that it’s true. The rapist has pled guilty. And no one would have known about this if it wasn’t for the dad of the victim being arrested and humiliated and called a domestic terrorist by the school board! This is an indictment of the corporate press.”

They covered this thing up for the sake of an election!” he added. “I’m trying to think of why you would cover up a sensational story like this? A story of a double rapist, a young girl raped in her school by a guy who might have been using a skirt as a ruse. That is a huge, huge story!”

“So it had to be covered up for the sake of the election or because there was some sympathy towards the suspect and antipathy towards the victim, that’s a possibility,” Gutfeld added. “If you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you are voting for the same corrupt system that condoned a rape because the suspect may have worn a skirt? Who knows? But if you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you’re voting for rape!”

Rivera got immediately triggered by this comment targeted at one of his fellow Democrats, McAuliffe. He fiercely said Gutfeld’s claim was “outrageous”.

“What would you do, Geraldo if that was one of your family members?” Greg asked the far-left anchor. “You would kill them!”

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“What would I do?” Rivera replied. “I’m merely telling you as a consumer of news. That dad was way over the top.”

“How could you not be over-the-top?” Greg admitted. “Your kid’s got raped!”

Watch the full exchange here:

“I agree that it is outrageous the crime that was committed,” Geraldo responded.

“I think it’s horrifying. I also think that it’s way way an exception to the rule as these kids struggle with gender identity… A guy wearing a skirt is not the definition of all these kids struggling.”

“I believe that Terry McAuliffe is right,” Geraldo added. “I believe diversity and inclusion are as important as English and math. We are living in a brand-new world here.”

“You get more angry over people who don’t get the frickin’ vaccine than you are over a rapist!” Gutfeld retorted.

“That’s total bullcrap!” Rivera replied. “Would you care about this rape if that guy didn’t have a skirt on? Would you?!”

“I did!” Gutfeld screamed. “I said that when I started, you didn’t hear me! I said forget about the skirt! I just said that!”

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