On Friday, far-left anchor Joe Scarborough admitted that inflation under Joe Biden is crushing the middle class.

“Breaking news and bad news, of course, for working class Americans, middle-class Americans, who certainly are going to feel the pinch in their pocketbook. Inflation spiked 6.8 percent in November, the highest spike in 39 years,” he said during his MSNBC propaganda show.

Funny enough, he forgot to remind his viewers that he actually voted for this when he pulled that lever for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Not only did ‘Morning Joe’ vote for Biden, but he SHILLED for Biden and lied on his behalf in an attempt to persuade his viewers into voting Democrat. (I wonder why he isn’t proudly screaming his vote from the rooftops?)


However, Morning Joe wasn’t the only left-wing show to admit the damaging affects of inflation under Biden on Friday morning.

CNN also joined the fun! They went as far as to say that inflation is a “gut punch” to Americans:

What else can we say other than…..YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR!


"The Coca Cola company is not happy with me -- that's okay, I'll still keep drinking that garbage" -Donald J. Trump