WATCH: Lesley Stahl Says Hunter Biden Laptop Can’t Be Verified “Because It Can’t Be Verified”

During her “60 Minutes” interview with President Donald Trump, journalist Lesley Stahl showed off her “journalism” skills when she claimed that the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop information can’t be verified “because it can’t be verified.”

The interview with the President was later abruptly ended after President Trump got fed up with the partisan bias from Stahl.

Read the transcript below of the interaction with Stahl and the President over verifying the laptop evidence:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I think it’s one of the biggest scandals I’ve ever seen, and you don’t cover it.

LESLEY STAHL: Because it can’t be verified.

TRUMP: You want to talk about insignificant things.

STAHL: I’m telling you.

TRUMP: Of course it can be verified. Excuse me, they found the laptop.

STAHL: It can’t be verified.

TRUMP: What can’t be verified?

STAHL: The laptop.

TRUMP: Why do you say that?

STAHL: Because it can’t be verified.

TRUMP: The family on the laptop — [Joe Biden’s] gone into hiding for five days. He’s gone into hiding.

STAHL: He’s preparing for your debate.

TRUMP: It’s taking him five days to prepare? I doubt it. I doubt. Okay, go ahead.

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