Brand new bodycam footage from a police officer in Kenosha shows the exact moment an NBC producer was caught following the Kyle Rittenhouse jury. In fact, he even admitted it to the officers.

“I work for NBC. [I’m a] producer,” the driver says.

“Were you following a vehicle?” the police officer asks.

“I was trying to see … I was being called by New York, maybe you need to follow up.., I was trying to do what they told me to do.”

“New York told you to follow a vehicle?” the officer pressed.

“Yes,” the producer affirmed.

Watch the full bodycam footage here:

“How did they know about this vehicle?” the officer asked.

The producer responded by saying it was “discrete” and he was “just trying to find a location.”

This is just more rock solid evidence that the media was trying to openly collude in the Rittenhouse case and intimidate the jury.

Pray for our country.


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