WATCH: Pelosi Dodges Question Over Giving Tax Cuts To Wealthy Residents In Blue States

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked why she supports measures in the new spending bill to give large tax cuts for wealthy people in blue states. As you can imagine, she didn’t have a good answer whatsoever.

“Can you respond to the criticism that when all is said and done on this bill that the people who get the biggest tax cut are millionaires who can take advantages of the state and local tax deduction?,” a reporter asked the far-left Democrat.

“Thank you for that question,” Pelosi began as she awkwardly smacked her lips together after drinking water.

“As a supporter of that particular measure in the bill I just want to say thank you for allowing me to clarify what that is about. That is not about tax cuts to wealthy people. That is about services for the American people,” she falsely claimed.

“In our communities where we have taken care of our people. Education, transportation, healthcare, all the issues that public service brings to people was slashed by he Trump administration,” she continued, lying through her teeth. “This isn’t about who gets a tax cuts. This is about which states get the revenue that they need in order to meet the needs of the people,” she added.


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“That is still the result though,” the reporter pressed.

“That isn’t the result,” Pelosi replied.

Leave it to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to always protect the interests of the wealthy elites.

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