WATCH: Psaki SNAPS At Reporter After Biden Gets Called Out For Hypocrisy Over MLB And Beijing Olympics

On Friday, Jen Psaki snapped at a RealClearPolitics reporter when he called out Joe Biden’s hypocrisy when it comes to which sports should be protested.

Yesterday, Biden said that the MLB All-Star game should be moved from Georgia to another state after they passed a new law that will make it harder for Democrats to cheat in upcoming elections.

At the same time, Biden is perfectly okay with staying silent about the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, despite saying that the Chinese President “doesn’t have a Democratic bone in his body”.

When the RCP reporter called it out, Psaki became visibly disturbed and accused him of “not paying attention” before dodging the question entirely.

Watch below:

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“The President had voiced his support for the MLB making a decision about the All Star game in Georgia. I’m wondering when we can expect a final determination from the President about the United States participating in the Beijing Olympics given that he said ‘The Chinese President doesn’t have a Democratic bone in his body,” the reporter asked.

“Well, uh, I, uh think the US Olympic committee would play a big role, in uh,” she faltered before the reporter jumped in to add context.

“Well he did weigh in on Major League Baseball here in the United States,” the reporter added.

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“He actually didn’t…I don’t know if you heard the answer to the other question that happened a few minutes ago where we addressed this, and I answered the question. But maybe you weren’t paying attention,” she responded with anger.

Sadly, the MLB caved on Friday afternoon. They have announced they are moving the All Star game out of Georgia since Democrats won’t be able to cheat as easily in upcoming elections:

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