WATCH: Tucker Takes Blowtorch To Race-Bating Liberals After Shooter Turned Out NOT To Be White

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson went scorched earth on race-baiting liberals who rushed to blame “white people” for the tragic mass shooting in Colorado.

The left loves getting the most they can out of tragedies, and this one is no different.

Right away, Tucker went in on CNN’s obsession with calling the shooter a “white man” before even having all the facts in front of them.

“CNN told you ‘We don’t really know anything about what just happened. We do think a ‘white man’ did it.’ That was CNN’s first observation,” Tucker began.

“What they cared about most was the gunman’s race. To CNN, that was the all-important thing. Not the 10 lying dead or the grieving children they left behind, no. The shooter’s skin color. So this is what wokeness is. This is how you see the world when you have been so corrupted by ideological mania that you consider even a mass shooting a perfect opportunity to push your race-based political agenda. He was a white man, that’s all you needed to know,” Tucker added.

Watch his scorching monologue below:

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“Then we learned the suspect’s name he is Ahmad Alli Alissa,” Tucker continued.

“And that fact raised an immediate problem for the race mongers. Does Ahmad Alissa qualify as a white man? Now, honestly, you may be wondering who cares? He just shot 10 people? That’s the only fact that matters. For what it’s worth, Ahmad Alissa looks pretty pale to us. To the politicized racial classification, his race is the only thing that mattered. They decided that people called Ahmad Alli Alissa cannot be white men no matter what they look like. People with names like that are oppressed therefore they are not white. Now, that’s insanity,” he said, continuing to hammer the race baiters.

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“But it’s where we are right now. It’s where they have taken us. So, of course, once we learned his name, the entire story line had to be rewritten immediately,” he added.

Tucker then listed the liberal snowflakes on Twitter who had to backtrack their statements about race.

Here are a few examples of the liberals who blamed “white people” before the facts even came out:

Check out Caleb Hull’s full thread here…

In response to the shooting, Joe Biden immediately got political.

In fact, he admitted that he is coming for your guns because of the shooting:

Brace for impact, because the power hungry Democrats will stop at nothing to strip you of your 2nd amendment rights.

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