“We Really Proved that Socialism Wins”: New York On Its Way to Getting a Socialist Senator [WATCH]

Credit: Screengrab from Twitter

It’s primary season again in America and, this year, that apparently means that socialism is back on the menu, with a socialist woman named Kristen Gonzalez winning a primary race in New York’s Senate District 59.

Gonzalez, cheering her win following the results coming in and showing that she’d be the Democrat nominee for the district, claimed that it represented the win of socialism in America, saying “Today we really proved that socialism wins, we are not going anywhere, and we will not stop until we see a socialist slate across this city.

Watch that here:

Despite being a self-proclaimed “socialist,” Gonzalez is a product manager at American Express, a connection that shows the relationship between woke companies, woke candidates, and un-American policies.

To win the race, Gonzalez overcame being outraised by hundreds of thousands of dollars by her more moderate competitor, former U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley. Crowley was infamously defeated by AOC for that congressional seat, with AOC backing Gonzalez in this race and beating Crowley again.

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Outside of her history with Crowley, it makes sense that AOC was willing to back Gonzalez, as her platform was about as radical as AOC’s general, “socialist” platform. The Astoria Post, noting the radical nature of much of what Gonzalez supports, reported that Gonzalez:

“campaigned on left-wing issues such as climate change, increasing public school funding, canceling student debt, universal healthcare and taxing the rich to pay for affordable housing. She was also in favor of the state legislature’s “Good Cause” eviction bill, which would have prohibited most evictions and made it harder to raise rents.”

The reactions on Twitter to Gonzalez’s speech and victory were predictably harsh, with many attacking both her and socialism. Here are some of the better ones:

“Socialism is just Communism wearing makeup”

“#NYC is doomed.”

“This is a deeply ungracious and immature speech. The DSA’s limit appears to be electing candidates within the Greater Brooklyn/Queens 🥑 Corridor. That’s it.”

” Socialism cannot win. This is the result of years of participation trophies, lack of personal responsibility, indoctrination & handouts The NY mass exodus will kick to warp speed”

“Socialists only “win” while they are still out of power. Once they have acquired power and are done plundering what remained from the old system, it is disaster time.”

“”pivotal” – she really proved that socialist can win *checks notes* Williamsburg (which had Salazar as its senator) and parts of Astoria LIC (Gianaris former district). It’s a joke and it this sort of coverage let’s you know everything you need to know about the results at large.”

“oh dear god. What a nut case.”

Left mostly unremarked upon, however, was that Gonzalez used to work at a major, woke corporation and what that shows about the nature of our leftist overlords and leaders. It needs to be recognized that a socialist politician was comfortable working within that corporate behemoth, as it points to what the company stands for.

In any case, now New Yorkers have yet another reason to flee.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

Image credit: Screengrab from Twitter

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