On Thursday evening, Greg Gutfeld gave an epic speech to a crowd of people who were there to witness the return of the Fox News Christmas tree after an unhinged arsonist caught it on fire earlier this week.

Gutfeld sent a bold message to the arsonist, proclaiming that their holiday spirit will not be broken.

“Take that, arsonist!”, Gutfeld shouted as carolers finished a song in dedication to the tree being resurrected. “We are live here on Fox Square for a reason. As you know, yesterday a cowardly Christmas creep burned down our all-American Christmas tree. We put the tree up outside of our building not for ourselves, but for all of you,” Gutfeld continued.

“The NYPD and the FDNY arrived at the scene quickly to put out the flames and made sure everyone was safe. At a time when law enforcement is constantly criticized and disrespected, we are once again shown how important their work really is, and we’re grateful for their service. We want to take this moment now to give a special shout-out to the officers who quickly apprehended the suspect. They are actually here tonight to join us in the relighting. We’re also joined by members of the FDNY. I speak for everyone here when I say thank you for all your sacrifices to keep us safe. And even though the arsonist is already out on the streets, probably working at CNN, we want the bad guys to know that you can keep burning down our trees because we’re just going keep putting up another one. Because that’s the real holiday spirit!” he concluded.

Watch his epic rant below:

Greg Gutfeld is an American treasure.


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