When Donald Trump Makes an Appearance at UFC, the Crowd Has the Most ‘America’ Reaction Ever

Donald Trump made an unexpected public appearance at the UFC 264 event on July 10, 2021.

“The crowd chants USA as Former President Donald Trump makes an appearance at UFC 264 in Las Vegas,” the Post Millenial tweeted.

The reaction to the 45th president’s public appearance at the fight night drove the crowd into a frenzy.

“45 just entered the building at #UFC264 and the crowd here went NUTS!” Alex Brusewitz tweeted. “The people’s president!”

Here are some other views of the crowd chanting and cheering.

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Here are some shots of the 45th president in the audience.

The UFC main event is pitting former champion Connor McGregor versus UFC Lightweight Chamption Dustin Poirier. Earlier matches on the main card included Tai Tuivasa defeating Greg Hardy in the heavyweight division by TKO, Irene Aldana defeating Yana Kunitskaya in the catchweight division by TKO, and Sean O’Malley defeating Kris Moutinho in the bantamweight division by TKO.

Donald Trump was recently asked about his plans for the future, including his lawsuit against three big tech giants.

“Everything is a war,” Trump said. “With me, life is a war.”

Trump’s public appearance at UFC fight night shows that he is far from defeated. The 45th president is very much back in the fight.

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