WHOA: Ann Coulter Backing 'Broken-Down Old Man' Mitch McConnell's Dem Opponent

If you are wondering what happened to the ‘conservative’ Ann Coulter we all used to know and love, you’ll have to ask her. Because we can’t give you an answer.

Somewhere along the way, the author of “In Trump We Trust” became one of the president’s most vociferous critics, calling him a “moron” and a “blithering idiot” on occasions – all because, we believe, he hasn’t built his promised border wall fast enough.


Never mind that he’s been opposed every step of the way by an absent, hostile Congress, by Left-wing pro-open borders groups, and judicial activists in federal courthouses.

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And yet, the president has still managed to get significant portions of border barriers replaced and built. 

But now Coulter has moved beyond simply flipping out on Trump. She’s entered the realm of actively campaigning for Republican losses in November by actively campaigning for Democrats who, if they win all seats of power, would begin massive implementation of Marxist/Socialist policies that would literally spell the end of the republic as it was founded.

The Daily Wire reports:

...[S]he's going after Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the GOP leader of the Senate. She wants McConnell to lose in November to Democratic opponent Amy McGrath, who recently won the party’s nomination after a tight race.

“The lovely Amy McGrath is a Marine Corps veteran. The average donation to her campaign is $36. Mitch McConnell is a broken-down old man owed [sic] by cheap labor lobbyists,” she wrote on Twitter, referencing McConnell’s support for some pro-immigration measures. She added “#DefeatMcConnell.”

“Mitch McConnell is running this year in a CLOSE ELECTION,” she also wrote. “If we do not teach these betraying RINOs a lesson, we will be Charlie Brown with the football for our remaining time on earth. KENTUCKIANS: STAY HOME ON NOV 3!”

What the hell…?

Coulter also blasted a GOP group affiliated with McConnell that has been running ads to stop Kris Kobach, a Republican, in the Kansas Senate primary. Kobach is one of several candidates running in the Aug. 4 primary for the seat currently held by retiring Sen. Pat Roberts, but “opponents believe Kobach is a liability due to his views and past record, including a failed 2018 campaign for governor, and would leave the seat vulnerable to being flipped by Democrats in November,” Newsweek reports.

“The latest National Republican Senatorial Committee shows the MAGA candidate, Kris Kobach, beating the open borders candidate, Roger Marshall,” she also wrote. “So Mitch McConnell zoomed in with millions in dollars of ads DEFAMING Kobach as a ‘white supremacist.'”

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Coulter joins her bud, Matt Drudge, who has also soured on the president – for some reason. His Drudge Report news aggregate page reads like a who’s-who of Left-wing media. He might as well call his page PopURLs or something.

Wait…that one’s taken.

Frankly, the conservative shine came off of Coulter (and Drudge) months ago, which would explain why she’s been absent from Fox News and other right-leaning media. Doing her best to get Democrats elected regardless of the reason isn’t going to endear her to conservatives again anytime soon. 
Meantime, we’ll take Trump – and McConnell – over any Democrat any day.