Why’s Fetterman Afraid To Debate Dr. Oz Despite Speaking With Thousands of ‘Abortionists’ on 9/11

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman recently claimed that he has delayed debating his republican opponent Mehmet Oz because of some residual auditory processing issues caused by a stroke. Yet, the democrat had no problem speaking to a multitude of over 3,000 people at an abortion rally. 

He had no concerns stopping him from speaking at a rally to influence pro-choice Pennsylvanians to vote in his support. However, debating his opponent to allow all voters to see which candidate really will be best for the state’s senatorial seat is too problematic for him. 

Evidently, Fetterman’s strategy is to appeal only to the faction of Pennsylvanians that he can access and ignore the other ones who care to have an intelligent senator capable of adequately handling the affairs of the state. Fetterman and Oz are both running to fill the seat of Senator Pat Toomey, who is retiring.

These democrats, just like the President of the Biden administration, have apparently all chosen to divide the United States and face only the part of the country they can easily manipulate, knowing they lack leadership skills.

After stalling for ages, the democrat finally agreed to have one debate against his opponent in the middle of October. By this time, Fetterman is well aware that early voting would have started, and many voters who he had been able to convince with democratic agenda would have already cast their ballots. If he chooses to debate by this time, it will be too late for voters who had already cast their votes to change their minds, and Fetterman knows this. 

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Republican candidate Mehmet Oz’s claims that his opponent is intentionally stalling debates might not be wrong, considering Fetterman’s actions. Regardless, Oz has continued to push for a debate in September before the early voting commences.

A spokesperson for Oz asked, “Is it because he doesn’t want to defend hiring two convicted murderers on his campaign? Or he doesn’t want to be confronted about not paying his taxes 67 times? Or is he still lying about his health?”

Fetterman’s spokesman, Joe Cavello, recently defended the Planned Parenthood event Fetterman recently attended and insisted that Fetterman was not dodging a debate.

He said on Monday, “John held a rally at the same time as the Eagles season opener, and we still had over 3,000 people show up, that is what real enthusiasm and grassroots support looks like. Maybe you missed it, but John has now done several large rallies since returning to the campaign trail. John has been crystal clear that he is going to debate Oz and that the last lingering effect from the stroke is an issue with auditory processing.”

Fetterman’s reason for stalling the debate might be health concerns or a personal strategy to influence certain voters. Regardless, both reasons show that the democrat is not fit for office and should not be allowed to run for the seat this fall. 

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