WOW: Rep. MTG Takes Brave Stand in Defense of Alex Jones at CPAC Texas

Georgia GOP Rep. Margorie Taylor Greene didn’t hold back on the topic of political persecution and censorship when she took the stage at the CPAC Texas event, highlighting the case of InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones as an example of how the left is using the courts to persecute its political enemies.

As background, Jones, one of the first major figures to start drawing attention to Jeffrey Epstein and what sick, depraved things he was doing in South Florida, his Manhattan Mansion, and his private island, a sick place that made Tiberius’ stay on Capri look monk-like by comparison, was recently ordered by a liberal court to pay millions of dollars in damages to the families of the victims of Sandy Hook.

Jones had no role in the shooting but, at the time, did comment on the theory that “crisis actors” were involved and that the shooting was fake because of some “anomalies”. He since disavowed that viewpoint, saying that he does not think the shooting was faked.

The judgment will prove a heavy burden for Jones’ InfoWars to bear, as it is already teetering on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to court judgments against it stemming from past comments.

Well, Rep. Greene took up Jones’ banner during her speech, highlighting his case as an example of lawfare and the left using its allies in the courts to strike out at political enemies. In her words:

Alex Jones, who did say some things, is being politically persecuted right now and is forced to pay out millions and millions of dollars.

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No one agrees with what he said, but what we are tired of is the political persecution. I’d like to know when the Democrats and the liars in the media and the people who canceled all of you and me on Big Tech, when are they gonna pay us millions of dollars?

It used to be that America was a place where people might disagree with each other but would fight for each other’s rights to say what they believed, something that evidently isn’t the case now that the culture wars have become so vitriolic and the left so friendly to the idea of censorship.

Jones wasn’t the only controversial topic that Rep. Greene focused on. She also drew attention to those locked up for their role in January 6th, saying that they were political prisoners and calling on GOP politicians to start taking action to help them. In her words:

“If they can have a fake Jan. 6 committee that is persecuting President Trump’s administration and staff, and a judicial system and an FBI that has led to persecution of American citizens that did go in the Capitol on Jan. 6, but they’re being held in jail still to this day, they need to be held accountable.

“We can’t be the Republican Party that just talks the talk on the campaign trail. We have to be the Republican Party that delivers.

Many GOP voters would agree, particularly with the line that the GOP needs to start delivering, as it seemed unable to do when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were running things.

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