WOW: Whoopi Goldberg Admits That Republicans Have "Done Some Really Good Stuff"

On Wednesday, far-left show host Whoopi Goldberg shockingly admitted that conservatives, at times, have "done some really good stuff."

The comments from Goldberg came on ABC's "The View" when her and her co-hosts were discussing the outrage at Ellen DeGeneres for spending time with former Republican President George W. Bush.


WATCH the clip below:

Co-host to the show Meghan McCain started out by saying that she thought it was good how two people with different political opinions could be friends.

“I think part of the issue is, and I’m, like, somewhere in the middle on all of this. It’s not that we can’t have be friends on both sides. Obviously we all do,” McCain said. “Any normal person probably does. I don’t choose my friends based on their political background — I mean, unless it’s something truly radical. I would have a hard time being friends with Rand Paul or anyone associated with him, I’m just gonna put that right there. I say it on the show every day because I won’t be here tomorrow.”

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“Blood on your hands, Rand Paul,” McCain bizarrely said after he showed support for withdrawing United States troops from Syria. “There is a revisionist history with the Bush administration that I take intense umbridge with. I think, great, Michelle Obama wants to be friends with him, but I remember the things said about President Bush when he was in power. He was called for impeachment, a warmonger, lied about weapons of mass destruction and Hurricane Katrina.”

“Part of the issue for me is just confusion,” she continued. “Did your opinion on Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War change? There has to be a level of consistency with your politics. I don’t blame Ellen.”

McCain then brought the attention back to President Donald Trump, saying that the constant attacks from Democrats on all forms of Republicans may have been what led to the election of President Donald Trump. “The revisionist history about President Bush, my husband says when you cry wolf with every Republican which is what I believe happened with Bush, Romney, my father on forward, sometimes when you cry wolf, the beast shows up, and the beast is Donald Trump. I think part of the reason is maybe take a second look at some conservatives when you talk crap about them while they’re in power,” she said.

“There are some conservatives that have done some really good stuff — “Goldberg jumped in. “George, for whatever it’s worth, did a lot of stuff I didn’t like, but something he did do was he had a smart idea, how to deal with immigration. I liked that, and your own party — your own party pooped all over it, and it didn’t happen.”

Goldberg then went on to note how she would have messed with Bush if she was sitting next to him. “The man who owns the Cowboys sent tickets and she ended up sitting next to Bush. These are two gay women. If he has got a problem, he’s going to be real uncomfortable,” she explained. “I would be leaning on him. I would be just hugging him. I would be messing with him because if you have the opportunity to take a second to show people your humanity, why wouldn’t you try?”

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