WTF: Former CIA Boss, MSNBC Hack Call to Execute Trump

Trump is back in the news and so the crazies are back to calling for his death, this time with an MSNBC wackjob and the former CIA boss, Michael Hayden, being two of the loudest voices calling for the death of a political enemy.

Kicking things off was MSNBC’s Michael Beschloss, an inveterate leftist and crazy person if there ever was one.

Apparently commenting on the Washington Post claim that the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home because he was holding “nuclear documents”, MSNBC’s Michael Ceschloss posted a tweet about the Rosenbergs, a Jewish couple that passed nuclear secrets to the Soviets, saying: “Rosenbergs were convicted for giving U.S. nuclear secrets to Moscow, and were executed June 1953″

The implication, of course, is that Trump was trying to send whatever “nuclear documents” he took to Mar-a-Lago to Putin because he’s “Putin’s puppet” (conveniently forgetting, of course, that all the Russia nonsense was faked by Hillary hacks).

Well, Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and a definite Trump-hater, conveniently forgot that aspect of the Russia hoax as well, retweeting the post and commenting “Sounds about right.

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Hayden and Beschloss were torn apart by commenters on Twitter.

One, for example, commented on Hayden’s post with link to a post by John Cardillo in which Cardillo said:

WOW, DOJ and its cronies are slow dripping a moronic narrative that Trump *might* have stolen nuclear docs to give to Putin.

And DOJ was so “concerned” about this they waited 18 months to act, and coincidentally only did so a week after Trump endorsed candidates swept primaries.

Adding to that, the commenter saidIf this guy is a general the military was toast a long time ago… “Oh my goodness it’s 18 months later and we just realized we were missing our nuclear codes.

Given that we just lost a war to a few thousand goat herders and heroin dealers stuff in the dark ages, it sure does seem like the military has been “toast” for quite a while.

Another commenter, poking fun at Hayden, saidRemember when you signed that letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation? 😂

Dinesh D’Souza mocked the “nuclear codes” narrative as well in a hilarious comment on Beschloss’ post, saying:

Come to think of it, when we had our movie premiere at Mar-a-Lago a few months ago I noticed some random numbers written on the mirror in the restroom. I wonder if those were the launch codes to start World War 3. Should have written them down, I guess, but I really had to pee.”

Another noted that, by Beschloss’s logic, Obama needs to be executed as well, saying:

So that would at least be nice, but unfortunately doesn’t seem likely. What does seem likely is that the left is completely insane, id delusional in regards to Trump’s relationship with Russia, and our CIA and military are run by loony leftists that we on the right can’t trust a bit.

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