Yikes: Ports are So Backed Up Halloween Costumes are Still Coming Through Them

One of the most notable failures of Team Brandon has been the backup of the LA port and the snarling of America’s supply chains. When inflation and supply chain issues first became major issues a few months ago, Americans saw image after image of ships sitting off the California coast, waiting to unload.

Since then, the shipping issue has largely faded from the public consciousness. Brandon himself declared victory, most outlets have stopped covering it, and regime media blames inflation on the “greed” of corporations rather than supply chain mismanagement.

But the problem, despite being forgotten by many, is far from over. In fact, it’s still so bad that Halloween costumes were being unloaded as late as last week, many, many days after the Halloween season was over.

That’s according to Freight Waves, a shipping-focused site, which reported on December 14th that:

When you look at the millions of containers processed through our nation’s ports, many Americans do not realize that a single container can have hundreds of different products within each box. With the pressure to fulfill the holiday deadlines of their customers, logistics companies like C.H. Robinson are deploying employees to open these containers and sort out time-sensitive items in an effort to get them on store shelves on time.

“One of the unique things we’re doing is using our warehouse space in port cities to sort their containers and pull out the most urgent product,” said Noah Hoffman, retail expert and vice president of North American Surface Transportation for C.H. Robinson.

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“Why take up space on a truck with late Halloween costumes or Valentine’s inventory that’s arriving when toys and wrapping paper need to get to stores right now? We’ve even taken ocean containers to our employee parking lot in Southern California, sorted them by hand and built displays that can go directly onto a store floor. With so many kinks in supply chains these days, skipping a few links in the chain makes all the difference.”

[…]“All the Christmas merchandise would be somewhere a consumer could buy it well before Black Friday — off the ship, out of containers, at a distribution center for online orders or physically on a shelf,” Hoffman explained. “What’s different about this year is that Christmas merchandise is still on its way. Believe it or not, Halloween costumes are still coming through the ports. That’s how backed up things still are.”

That’s right, supply chains are so snarled and goods are so delayed that ports are simultaneously unloading Halloween and Valentine’s Day goods, desperately trying to sort through what is most relevant and needs to be unloaded right away and what can wait.

So, if you can’t find gifts to buy for Christmas or they’re outrageously expensive, don’t believe Brandon’s lies that greedy corporations are solely to blame. Despite Mayor Pete the trainophile coming back from paternity leave to handle the supply chain crisis, it’s still quite bad.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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