Yikes: Sex Offender THANKS Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee for Light Sentence

It’s not just that Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson supports CRT, though that’s certainly concerning. No, it’s also that she seems to be much more on the side of those convicted of child porn offenses and the victims of those horrific crimes, something that Senator Hawley brilliantly pointed out.

Well, as if the horrific string of cases cited by Hawley wasn’t enough evidence of the horrors of her soft on crime stance, yet more fuel was just thrown on the fire: a criminal who she gave a light sentence to after he committed a child porn offense just thanked her for doing so.

Breitbart, reporting on that criminal’s horrific offense, reported that:

In 2013, Jackson sentenced then-19-year-old Wesley Hawkins to three months in prison, three months of home confinement, and six years of supervision after he was convicted of possessing child pornography where boys 8 to 12-years-old were depicted in sex acts.

Specifically, Hawkins was found with 17 videos and 16 images of child pornography.

Federal sentencing guidelines called for Hawkins to receive eight to ten years in prison, but prosecutors took into account his lack of criminal history and requested two years in prison. Hawkins’ defense team requested a single day in jail and five years of supervision.

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Well, happy with getting just three months in prison rather than the ten years in lockup that he should have gotten, Mr. Hawkins thanked Jackson for her leniency in an interview with the Washington Post, as it reports, saying:

Perhaps most surprising, Hawkins said, was that he found himself feeling sympathy for the judge he had once been angry with for sending him to prison.

‘I wasn’t very happy that she gave me three months, though after reflection when I was in jail, I was hearing from other people who said it was their first time arrested and they got five years, six years.

‘I feel that she chose to take into consideration the fact that I was just getting started [in life] and she knew this was going to hold me back for years to come regardless,’ he said, ‘so she didn’t really want to add on to that.”’

And it’s not like his crimes weren’t evil; Hawkins himself even admitted that what he did was “monstrous” and that he was “disgusted” with it, saying:

If someone heard my name in that confirmation process or just saw it online because they were looking on the [sex offender] registry and want to call me a monster, I understand. I don’t blame them for that, and to an extent, I agree with them, because what I did was a bit monstrous,” Hawkins said, referring to the actions that led to his conviction.

“When I got to a place that I could think about what I had done, retrospectively, I was disgusted.”

So we have a man whose crimes were, by his own admission, “monstrous,” yet he was let off with a slap on the wrist, a mere three-month sentence. Judge Jackson gave him that light sentence; is she really one who should be on the highest court in the land?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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