ZERO Tolerance: CNN Firing Unvaccinated Employees

CNN fired three employees for not being vaccinated. The discharge was announced by the president of the media company, Jeff Zuker, who explained that until now the system was based on “honor.” That is, that they trusted their employees. But now they will need a health card.

“Last week we were informed that three employees were coming to the office without vaccinations. Let me be clear: we have a zero tolerance policy on this,” Zucker said in a memo that The Wall Street Journal reviewed.

Zucker announced that the same measure will apply to everyone, regardless of whether they go to an office or not. Even field reporters or those who work remotely will get fired if they do not take the vaccine; just as long as they are employees of the corporation, they must abide by the vaccination rule, or they lose their job.


Until now, CNN employees did not need proof of vaccination, now they do, the “honor” system is done. Zucker said proof of vaccination is expected to become a requirement “of the WarnerMedia access card process” in the coming weeks.

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“You need to be vaccinated to come to the office. And you need to be vaccinated to work in the field, with other employees, regardless of whether you enter an office or not. Period.” Zucker added in the memo.

The CNN president also announced that the official date of the return to the offices was delayed from September 7th, to early or mid-October amid the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country.

“This was not an easy decision and there is a lot to consider. The bottom line is that, based on the information that is available today, and what experts expect to evolve with the virus in the coming weeks, September 7thno longer seems appropriate,” he said.


Given that the corporation has offices in various cities and states, Zucker clarified what the policies will be in the larger cities. Those employees who go to offices in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta must wear face masks regardless of vaccination status starting Thursday, August 5th.

This is not just a CNN measure. Other media companies, such as The Washington Post and Washington Examiner, have implemented a vaccination requirement for their employees to return to their work locations.

ZERO Tolerance: CNN Firing Unvaccinated Employees

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