Texas Border Sheriff Makes Grim Prediction As Migrant Surge Shows No Sign of Letting Up

Another Texas border sheriff is sounding the alarm amid an unending surge of migrants illegally crossing into the United States, adding a grim prediction that ought to be a wakeup call for Vice President Kamala Harris, who was put in charge of dealing with the crisis by President Joe Biden way back in March.

In an interview Friday with Fox News host Harris Faulkner, Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez said the illegal migrant situation along the border is “something that has not taken place in this part of our county ever.”

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He went on to make this dire prediction: If nothing is done (yes, Kamala, we’re looking at you), the situation will worsen and “more people are going to die.”

(Credit: Fox News)

You’d think the party of boundless compassion for ‘persons of color’ would be moving Heaven and earth to prevent more tragedies. But in fact, the Biden regime is purposely doing little to nothing to reverse the conditions that have led to this new migrant crisis, like putting all of former President Donald Trump’s effective policies back in place.

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“Well, this is something that has not taken place in this part of our county ever. This is the first time we’ve experienced something like this. So, it’s overburdened our federal partners, U.S. Border Patrol, who are doing everything they can to handle the situation,” Martinez told the “Faulkner Focus.”

“But we see these immigrants that are coming across fleeing their home country looking for a better way of life, you’ve got to feel for these individuals. But at the same time, there has to be a system in place that allows them a legal process. But it’s heartbreaking to watch some of these family units dragging their small children across a river risking their life,” he added.

“I wish that a decision be made one way or the other as to [how] to stop this. Because more people are going to die. Our state partners are involved in car chases every day. People are — there [are] accidents, they’re going through fences and stuff. People are going to die trying to come here,” Martinez added.

“So, we need to put a stop to this nonsense until we come up with a solution. Because it’s only going to get worse. People are going to continue to come.”

Martinez is the second Texas border sheriff to sound the klaxon alarm over the worsening migrant crisis.

Earlier this month, Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe told “Fox & Friends” (are you noticing a trend here — like, there’s only one major cable news network bothering to cover this crisis?) that he’s never seen anything like what’s going on now in his 35-year law enforcement career.

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“It’s a huge influx of alien smuggling going on around here,” he said. “Every night it’s always something. Over the weekend, in one incident, we stopped four vehicles. All four vehicles were traveling together; all four vehicles had aliens in them.”

“It’s just nonstop. I’ve never seen anything like this in 35 years here,” Coe continued.