YIKES: Insiders Reveal What Dems Are Saying In Private About Impeachment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been leading the Democrats impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and it has completely imploded in recent weeks.

Aside from several of his own witnesses testifying that the president did not do anything wrong, now it appears members of Schiff’s own party are coming out against this witch hunt.

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According to political insiders, Democratic lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated with their stalled impeachment probe.

Several lawmakers have reportedly said they hope to “get it over and move on” with voters largely tuning-out the process.

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“Democrats are frustrated they can’t convince the country to go along w/their phony impeachment w/no crime Now they want to ‘get it over & move on’ The founders never intended a focus grouped impeachment. Such an abuse of the system, but it’s backfiring!” wrote GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington on Twitter this week.

Some Democrats have even gone public recently to speak out against this latest witch hunt.

New Jersey Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew appeared on Fox News last week and said he is concerned that Democrats appear to be trying to remove a legitimately elected president.

Van Drew said some Democrats have even grown tired of the partisan effort now taking place in Congress and said he will not vote for the so-called impeachment unless there is evidence that Trump actually committed a crime.

Brand new polling shows that a majority of Americans agree and are against the impeachment inquiry, including Independent voters.

In one major poll, 47 percent of Independents actively oppose the impeachment inquiry. This figure is a 10-point increase from the previous poll.

And, the cherry on top, support for the president has increased while support for impeachment has decreased in recent weeks.

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Most American see the Democrats for just what they are — partisan hacks who want to overturn the results of the 2016 election and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

The country does not support this attempted coup, and the Democrats will be punished severely in 2020 for this circus.


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